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86-year old step-mom to Sir Paul McCartney, Dr. Angie McCartney has chosen award-winning Kemah, TX winery Clear Creek to craft and blend her new line of fruit wines “Mrs. McCartney’s Wines.
Launching on 25th of June at Houston’s Discover Wine Festival, the low-alcohol (9%) line comprises some interesting flavours with retro names such as:
  • Abbey Road Apple
  • Maharishi Peach
  • Blackbird Blackberry
  • Blue Jay Blueberry
  • and Strawberry Fields

“I’m thrilled to be working with Houston winemaker and Chef, David Skinner, to bring a taste of sweetness to the table” said Angie from her home in Los Angeles, “they are ideal for tippling with a British High Tea or even as a cocktail ingredient in a “Downton Abbey”, a “Silly Walk” or a “Shagadelic Peach”” added Angie. 
Chef Skinner commented ““the wines idea came about last year when The McCartneys were in town for our Fab Four Courses / Beatle themed dinner events at my restaurant eculent in Kemah. I took Angie on a tour of the winery, and when we discovered we could blend wines to match some of her existing organic tea company’s flavours, we agreed there and then to partner. With a handshake and a bottoms up!”
Details of the June 25th downtown Houston wine festival featuring a personal appearance by Angie & Ruth McCartney are at
About Dr. Angie McCartney 
As an insider to the swinging 60’s from a Beatle Family perspective, Angie has had tea with rock stars and royalty, billionaires and busboys, and at 86 is as spirited as ever to launch new adventures and projects.
She helped form what became the Beatles Fan Club on her dining table in Liverpool with her young daughter Ruth, who, with husband producer Martin Nethercutt are business partners in all their McCartney branded ventures.
Making a recent appearance in award-winning documentary Good Ol’ Freda – a film about Brian Epstein’s secretary – Angie was inspired to embark on a documentary of her own about feminism and the swinging 60s called “Your Mother Should Know.” The film, which is in pre-production, will be shot and edited by Houston’s Empire Ad. Crew, also based in Kemah, TX.
About Chef / Winemaker David Skinner
After graduating high school, David went on to Oklahoma State University where he majored in Finance and Economics. But the lure of food was too great and after one very late night with a couple of professors he decided to open a restaurant while still in school. So in 1985 Christopher’s on Washington in Houston was opened. By this time David was making frequent trips to California experiencing the new California cuisine at restaurants like Chez Panisse. It featured French infused California cuisine and became a huge success and fine dining destination in a landscape of burgers and beer. David helped to pioneer the use of “farm fresh” ingredients in restaurants and contracted with local farmers for produce and proteins.
Upon graduation David had a real dilemma, continue working the restaurant or use his new degree and go into a different profession. Always up to a challenge, he decided to pursue a career in commodity trading. A few years later, he was lured into a career with oil giant Conoco and eventually built one of the world’s largest energy focused strategy firms. Along the way he wrote several best selling decision-making text books, became an Adjunct professor at Rice University, and helped with a series of business start-ups.
While not cooking professionally over the last two decades, he never let his skills or interest dwindle. His dinner parties were legendary and often featured dishes and ingredients he picked up while traveling the world on business. In 2006 he purchased the eculent building along with a bed and breakfast ( and a year later purchased a local winery. In 2011, he built a new commercial winery, Clear Creek, and started plans for eculent’s menu and design. By the spring of 2014 David was ready to embark on a new journey. David’s passion, an attention to detail, and a love of food has led to his ultimate creation…eculent.