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Source: John Lamparski / Getty

The New Edition Story actor, Woody McClain’s, old tweets have come back to haunt him. The actor, who played the role of Bobby Brown, tweeted in the past, “If it ain’t white it ain’t right” and “When I’m famous I’m dating white women only.” He also said, “Really thinking about finding a white girl black girls are soooo overrated these days…wish man once said -if it ain’t white it ain’t right.” McClain also made comments about black women and him not being fond of their natural hair, saying, “I love all my beautiful black women but I’m not feeling the ‘Going Natural thing.'”

The actor has since addressed the tweets by agreeing with a Twitter user who uploaded a post, saying, “So y’all just gonna believe anything yah read online? Fact checking will show you he had a black woman for almost ten yrs.”

According to Woody people shouldn’t believe everything they read especially since he’s dated a black girl.