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Divorces are known to bring out some of the most outrageous, petty and downright ridiculous requests when it comes to dividing up assets and demanding money. Actor/comedian Mike Epps has found himself in the middle of such a situation, as his ex-wife is asking for a massive amount of money in monthly support for a very questionable reason.

Mechelle Epps, ex-wife of Mike Epps has laid her claim to a significant piece of the actor’s fortune, as she is demanding $109K a month in financial support to care for the former couple’s two daughters, her mother and herself. According to TMZ, Mechelle Epps is asking for the large monthly sum because in her words she is “too old” to work at the ripe age of 36. Wait, what?

Mechelle says that Mike makes about $3.5 million a year, but since their split he has cut her off financially by terminating access to their bank accounts and credit cards, leaving her with no income. The couple have been married over a decade and have two children together, so Mechelle should definitely get some substantial means of support, but claiming to be too old to get a job is ridiculous.

The full rundown of Mechelle Epps’ financial demands are as follows:

Mechelle says she spends several thousand bucks a month on shoes and clothes for their 10 and 12-year-old girls. Plus, the girls have to get their hair braided at an “expensive salon” … not to mention food, vacations and $72k per year for private schooling.

She also says her mom handles nanny duties for a mere $3,500 monthly, plus another $600 to cover Mom’s Mercedes.

According to [court documents], $109,036 per month from Mike should cover everything. Mechelle also wants sole possession of their house. He filed for divorce in January 2016, but they’ve yet to reach a final settlement.

Mechelle also states that during their marriage Mike never wanted her to work, so as a result she has no skills to actually go out and obtain a job of her own. The question here is, what did she do for money before she married him? How did she support herself? This story is just beginning and we expect it to get even messier before the final ruling is handed down.


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