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So, I’m a late parent.

As a ‘first time parent’ of a now five year old boy, I recognize that I have been consistently behind. Late on registering him for little league basketball, football, karate even having him participate in summer camp this year! Not to make excuses, but I just have not gotten into the mind of having to research activities for my little person! I WANT to do better, but it’s an on-going struggle to discipline myself to do for him, as I do for my own life – PLAN IN ADVANCE!

Needless to say, if you are a parent like me who waited to the last minute to find activities for your child this summer, there may still be hope! I stumbled upon this FREE program that The City of Houston’s MBK Hub launched at the Fifth Ward Multi Service Center for kids ages 14-18! It began this week which goes until August.

The MBK Hub offers:

• Entertainment

• Games

• Counseling Services

• Mentoring

• Field Trips

• Summer Enrichment

• STEM Projects

Parents check it out here if you’re interested!Picture1