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Recently featured in an episode of HBO Real Sports and “money games” for a story about HBCU sports and Coach Billy Joe is concerned about the wellbeing of Historically Black College and University football players.

“We call these games blood games,” explained Coach Joe. The HBO episode talks about HBCU football teams playing Big Ten schools for money in exchange for wins. but risking the health and well being of their players. The problem is that the Big Ten and Division one school players are much bigger than HBCU players.

However, HBCU players health is put at risk because they don’t physically match Big Ten and division one players.

Playing a Big Ten team will get an HBCU,  “anywhere from $200,000 to $600,000, somewhere in that neighborhood,” explains Coach Joe. He continued, “It can pay for buildings, equipment, scholarships, etc.”

“I’m concerned about those injuries, and you have to be willing to sacrifice your pride. You’re going to get beat.”

But what can be done to get more money to HBCU’s without sacrificing players? Coach Joe simply puts it, “Black alums from Black colleges need to have a voracious attitude for giving.”

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