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Here’s another one for all the theorists out there.

A Friday video which captured Melania Trump standing next to Donald Trump discussing hurricane relief for Puerto Rico and the nuclear deal with Iran prompted theorists to zone in on the couple–specifically, the First Lady.

When Trump’s refers to Melania as, “My wife, who happens to be standing here,” critics went into investigative overdrive, circulating rumors that the “real Melania” was actually not there.

Commenters played several past icy interactions between the couple. Social media had a ball with the footage, dissecting everything from her features, to her hair, to claiming she uses the decoy to skip out on appearances with her husband.

A photo of the First Lady next to a secret service agent who resembles her, only pushed it further.

And some pointed out that it was indeed the real Melania Trump.

Melania isn’t the only politician accused of using a body double, Hillary Clinton was accused of using one last year.


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