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BET's 50 Central Premiere Party

Source: Astrid Stawiarz / Getty

50 Cent continues to go at Wendy Williams, this time for her alleged fainting incident on air Tuesday.

#PressPlay: #WendyWilliams says she’s home & hydrated y’all! (See earlier post)

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Over the past couple weeks, 50 Cent & Wendy Williams have had some choice words for one another on Twitter & social media. It all started when Wendy originally told 50 Cent to get his life together after his son Marquise called him out over child support a couple weeks ago.

Of course, Fif didn’t take to that too kindly and responded in true 50 Cent fashion, roasting her about her image and calling Wendy an “ugly motherf*cker.

Since then, 50 has continued to mock Wendy on IG and make fun of her, and he definitely wasn’t about to stop his shenanigans on Tuesday after Wendy Williams so-called fainted & collapsed live on air. 


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Some say the video does look a bit suspicious and people are questioning if it’s some sort of publicity stunt by Wendy.  So of course, you already know 50 had to call her out.

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