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The Bachelorette swept the nation by having the first Black bachelorette in show history Rachel Lindsay! She and her boo Dr. Bryan Abasolo captured our hearts with their union and made everyone fall in love with them.

Now that the show is over everyone wants to know when the wedding is!

“We don’t really know,” explained Abasolo. “She’s not really the wedding planning type so just sometime in 2018 for sure.” Lindsay added, “Both of our parents told us not to have a winter wedding just because with family and traveling. So either the fall or I don’t know maybe even the spring.”

Unlike traditional brides who wear dresses, Lindsay wants to shake it up a bit! “I’m telling you, I’m not the wedding planning type at all,” expressed Lindsay. “All I know is that I don’t want to wear a dress. I want to wear like a clean white suit.”

A clean white suit or dress we’re happy to see these two are doing well and wish them good luck for the future!

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