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ABC's 'Scandal' - Season Seven

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Tonight’s episode of Scandal is another doozy! Hold on to your emotions! We start with Olivia confronting Mellie about Jake being the new chief of staff. She’s obviously not happy about that, but at the same time, Mellie is over Olivia and her lies and tells her where to go. Olivia has one week to announce her resignation to the press and if she doesn’t then Mellie will do it for her. Olivia seems defeated, but we all know she’s not going down without a fight.

Next up we find Rosen going over any potential scandals going on in Jake’s life since he’s the new Chief of Staff. Jake reveals that he and his wife (Vanessa) have an open marriage and that she’s currently sleeping with someone else. Rosen doesn’t think it’s the worst scandal in the world, but he needs to stay on top of it.

This will blow up. Most definitely. But hold that thought.

Back at the Gladiators office, we find Charlie, Huck, and Abby taking on a new case, but after some deliberation about whether they should just shut it down or not a new client walks in. The client is Robert Bacall. He’s mid-level at the State Department and somehow received some messages related to Russian espionage. He’s not sure why he got these messages, but he wants it to go away.

You know what this is, right? He’s a shmuck.


Anyway, Mellie meets up with Jake in the secret B613 room and he tells her that he wants to be more transparent with her and that his B613 will be hers. Then all of a sudden, the electricity and the computers go out. This is Olivia’s work. She has a guy who made this happen, and he’s so good that he can keep this shut down going for a minute. 


Quinn wants to work on a plan of action to deal with Olivia Pope, but Rowan keeps putting her off. Quinn thinks he’s gone soft and that he just wants to keep them there because he enjoys having a family. Rowan Pope, who is holding the baby at this moment, threatens to kill the baby, and of course, Quinn freaks out. Then he tells her it’s that feeling she has in her freak out, that biology of being a parent that won’t allow him to let her kill Olivia.

Back to the schmuck. A major news story explodes claiming that he has been sleeping with Vanessa Ballard and using her to get access to secrets from the NSA and feed them to Russian intel and they found large sums of money in his bank account sent from Russia and video footage of Vanessa Ballard going to his hotel room. This is another set up by Olivia Pope. That man is not really a spy, he’s just another schmuck. Now, Mellie is left trying to figure out how to smooth this over.

Meanwhile, Olivia visits Cyrus and asks for help getting rid of Jake. Cyrus considers her his enemy at this point so he seems apathetic to her plight and actually helps Mellie and Jake come up with a plan. The plan is up next…

Basically, Vanessa does a TV interview where she says she was only with Robert for a sting operation because they suspected that he was a spy and Jake thought she’d be perfect for the job. Olivia, who is watching the interview, is pissed because it’s not part of her plan. The interview works enough to clear Vanessa, but Robert is in trouble because everyone thinks he’s a Russian spy and he’s going to need a lot more legal help than what the gladiators can offer.

Turns out, Cyrus had his own plans. He presents Olivia with information that implicates Mellie and in forcing Vanessa to lie, which is obviously an impeachable offense. Even Olivia is shocked. She just wants Jake to go, not to get Mellie impeached. Cyrus says if there’s going to be a snake in the Oval office then it should be him. He thinks he should be president because Mellie is an amateur and he needs Olivia on board with him because they’re “parasites, sucking each other’s blood to stay alive.” Olivia is shocked that Cyrus would do this to Mellie, but at the same time, Cyrus gives her a very convincing talk and she is that desperate to get back in the white house. This has gotten super ugly.


Quinn tells Rowan that if he allows her to run off with Charlie and the baby then they’ll live a quiet life in Pennsylvania and won’t say a word, nor will she try to kill Olivia even though she deserves justice. Rowan falls for it. Hold that thought.

Mellie gets a visit from Olivia while she’s preparing for a mammogram. Olivia’s purpose is to tell her that she won’t be stepping down and that she has called a press conference tomorrow talk about Mellie’s resignation. Cyrus’ little power speech seduced her.


Olivia has the nerve to claim she’s there “out of respect” and that Mellie should resign with class. Mellie is literally stuck on stupid and it’s actually heartbreaking.


Next, we’re at Olivia’s house. Olivia walks in to find Quinn’s baby in a car seat on the floor. Surprise bish! Quinn appears with a gun. Olivia wants Quinn to hear her out. Quinn is obviously not trying to hear it. She hands Olivia a signed confession and tells her what the plan is while pointing a gun at Olivia’s head. Olivia tells her if she doesn’t put the gun down and leave then the B613 snipers will kill her. Quinn thinks she’s bluffing, but she’s actually not. They struggle over her gun for a second, the snipers shoot and hit Olivia in the upper arm. Olivia yells for Quinn to get out and Quinn obliges.

Olivia shows up at Rowan Pope’s place, later on, to get her wound dressed. She calls him out on lying about Quinn. He calls her out on lying too. This is actually quite sick how they’re having this conversation like it’s super normal. Then Olivia is near tears as she tells him that Quinn hates her.


Um…who wouldn’t hate someone who ruthlessly plotted their murder.

Anyway, Rowan gives her a hug and starts spouting off one of his allegories to comfort her. Then he goes back to dressing her wound and giving her instructions on how to keep it clean.

Now it’s press conference day. Up to this point, word of Olivia Pope’s resignation has just been a rumor in the news. The press is speculating that she’s going to confirm it. Surprisingly, Olivia does the right thing by resigning.

Cyrus is watching this and he’s definitely salty.

Jake is in his B613 lair, where the electricity comes back on because Olivia called off her hacker goon.

The Gladiators are watching Olivia give her speech and then Huck turns around for a moment and sees Charlie with Quinn and the baby. Huck holds his new niece and comes to tears. They end on a happy note for now, but obviously, there’s lots of explaining to do.


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