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Dwight Boykins Back To School Drive

Source: Patrick Allen / Patrick Allen

In light of Donald Trump‘s tariffs on countries such as Canada, China, Mexico and the European Union, Houston City Council Member Dwight Boykins has called the move “harmful,” especially to those in his district. Boykins in a press release called the a descent into the “reckless path of confrontation” and consider the moves “fool hearted” that would hurt the state of Texas and cities such as Houston.

“Already, the President’s actions have driven up the cost of domestic oil and gas production, which reliesheavilyon specialty steel imports from nations like China,” Boykins said. “Texas has been hurt disproportionately, with oil and gas industry experts warning of significant layoffs at Houston energy and manufacturing firms if the trend continues. President Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum may also harm Houston’s construction industry, increasing the cost of new homes and forcing delays to the manufacturing of facilities tied to oil and gas. Once again, jobs hang in the balance.”

He continued, “To a region still struggling to recover from Hurricane Harvey, President Trump’s tariffs could not come at a worst time. An analysis by Trade Partnership Worldwide, an international trade and economic consultingfirm, concludes that for every job saved, the Administration’s protectionist stance could place as many as 13 people out of work. Many of those who may suffer call the Bayou City home.”

He added, “This policy undermines the global substructure that prevents economies from collapsing and nations from coming apart. The President’s trade war is reckless, irresponsible, and could very well create outcomes Houstonand District D can ill afford.”

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