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Cheating is generally viewed as a negative thing to do to somebody, but people do it anyway. Researchers at Missouri State University surveyed users of (the dating website for married people) and found women who cheated were more likely to be satisfied with their actions than men who did the same.

Study leader Dr. Alicia Walker explains,

“It’s the ‘monogamy malaise.’ Existing research shows the longer women are in a sexual relationship, the more their desire drops over time, and they become less and less interested in having sex with their primary partner. However, if they take on a new partner, their sexual desire returns to its previous high level.”

Because of this, many women find joy in cheating because they believe it is saving their marriage. Another reason Walker thinks women enjoy having affairs is because it’s one of the few times they’re able to have a relationship completely on their own terms.

Also, for all people, the reasons you choose to cheat greatly impact the satisfaction you feel. If you’re only cheating to satisfy a sexual need rather than an emotional one, you’ll have the highest chance of being a happy cheater.

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