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Yasir and Nuri are back on the right track but there’s another complication coming from Nuri’s past. His name is Derek. He is her ex who seemed promising but he took Nuri for granted. Derek shows up at her place unannounced, with flowers and a huge gift only to find Yasir looking at him like:


Derek gets the hint and apologizes for dropping by unannounced, but he’s still trifling because he tells Nuri where he’s staying and that he’d love to see her.


Yasir is surprisingly cool about it. Nuri says she’s not going to meet him but Yasir says he thinks she should for closure. Nuri wonders if this is just a test but she does need closure so she goes. It’s what we know, Derek is back because he didn’t really have any time for her back in the day, but he came back, like they always do, to ruin Nuri’s life since she had the audacity to move on. He legit gets down on one knee and asks her to stop playing around with Yasir and marry him but it’s too late. Nuri shuts him down. Derek, who is all ego, leaves the ring with her and tells her he’s going back to New York in two days so he’ll leave her to her devices in that time so she can stop having a tantrum and get real.


Nuri returns home, with the ring, but doesn’t tell Yasir what transpired. Meanwhile, Yasir got stood up by Nuri’s agent. However, he’s taking it in stride because Nuri bothered to set the meeting up period. The good thing that came out of this situation is that he ran into his boy from high school who just so happens to have a room for rent that Yasir can actually afford. In his mind, none of this would have happened without Nuri so he’s happy…and humble.


The room for rent and is obviously super shady. It’s far, it’s in the hood and there are several people in and out of the place playing video games, smoking, etc. Nuri doesn’t want him to stay there but Yasir needs to do this for himself. Nuri doesn’t want to be away from him so bad that she asks him to marry her, without a ring, thank goodness, and he says yes. Fun fact: Mara Brock Akil asked Salim to marry her in real life.

Yasir stops by Ruby’s place to pick up his things and he’s packing up his things while Ruby is in her bedroom getting it on with a new piece as Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’ is playing. This situation ends with Ruby’s new thang getting smart with Yasir so they end up brawling. Ruby and Yasir’s friend, Gary, break it up and get out of dodge before the neighbors call the police. It’s a mess. Later on, Yasir and Gary stop at a cafe to talk. Gary is feeling trapped in his life. Yasir encourages him to follow his dreams and tells him that he has the number to someone who is renting a room.


It looks like he plans to stay with Nuri…if they don’t break up. Nuri finally gets the chance to read Yasir’s script and discovers that Yasir has been using lines from his script to game her. She is livid. The thing is, the script was written a year before they met so it’s not like he was inspired by her. Yasir probably has an explanation but Nuri is prone to overreacting. Derek ends up at her place later on but calms down. Nuri remains firm in her stance that it’s over. That’s cool, but this causes problems later on.

We flash forward to older Yasir and he’s pissed hearing Nuri tell this story. This is his first time learning that Derek proposed and gave her a ring, that she kept the ring and still had it. Older Yasir storms out in a rage, and that’s that for season one of Love Is. We’ll be back for season two.


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