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How to Get Away With Murder picks up on a fun note, with Annalise and Tegan living it up at the club, but then we get back to somber business. Remember when Nate dropped all that bombshell info on Annalise about Bonnie only to find out that the kidnapper was Bonnie’s sister? Well, Annalise is pissed at him for digging and of course, they argue about it. Nate thinks Bonnie needs to know what happened. Annalise says that Bonnie still believes the baby was born dead (Bonnie never even saw the baby) and that Bonnie’s sister probably sold the baby for smack. Plus, as we know, Bonnie was 15 when she had the baby due to rape and Annalise really just wants him to stop playing private eye. However, Nate is persistent and adds that Bonnie should know because Denver had all this info on her so there’s a chance it could come out anyway. Nate then tries it even further by saying Annalise should be the one to tell Bonnie since she knows her best but Annalise delivers a subtle but powerful read when she informs him that he doesn’t have the right to mess with anyone’s trauma.

We all know that Nate continues lurking around anyway and ends up finding the presumed missing boy (who is now grown). That young man looks nothing like Gabriel (this kid is blond, white and a dope fiend). So wait, is Gabriel not Bonnie’s son? Who else thought Gabriel might be Bonnie’s son? There goes HTGAWM with the Jedi mind tricks again!

But why is Frank stalking Gabriel if it’s not that he’s Bonnie’s son? We get the answer later on. It’s because Frank usually digs up background information on Annalise’s students (to help her put together her clinic). We also learn that Oliver has been digging up dirt on Gabriel for Annalise too! Oliver discovers that Gabriel beat up a doctor. Said doctor had been prescribing Gabriel’s mother pills. Earlier in the episode, Gabriel reveals that he had a bad relationship with his mother because she had a substance abuse problem. Naturally, Annalise’s kids also decide to find out what dirt Annalise has on them too. Connor gets pissed when he finds out that Annalise is the one who got him back in school (she put in a call because he was failing). That’s what happens when you go digging for stuff you ain’t really trying to see.

In other news, they’re still trying to get Nate Sr. out of prison and prepping him on what to say for his psych evaluation. Annalise coaches Nate Sr. about what to say, hoping that the assessment will be that he didn’t know what he was doing when he committed the murder he committed in prison (that extended his sentence). Annalise’s coaching works (of course), which means they get to use insanity as a defense in the retrial.

The episode winds down with Nate getting DNA results on that young man he was watching earlier in the episode and he shares them with Annalise. Now we fast forward a bit to Annalise explaining to Bonnie that Nate was investigating the files Denver had on her and that the DNA didn’t match. The young man that Nate found isn’t Bonnie’s son. So now we’re all like, so is it Gabriel after all?

Bonnie gets upset because Nate told her he destroyed the file and wonders out loud why he would do this. Annalise explains that Nate’s situation with his dad is the motivator, which he did mention earlier in the episode. He felt that reconnecting with his dad inspired him to try to get Bonnie to connect with the son she never had. Bonnie starts sobbing, not quite believing that Nate had good intentions. Annalise comforts her with an embrace and tells her to let her know whether she wants to pursue it or not.

Then we cut to a month and a half later. You guessed it, we’re back at the wedding. This is after Michaela confronts Bonnie in the bathroom. Oliver is missing and so is Nate. Michaela calls Nate’s phone and we see that Bonnie has Nate’s phone. She looks at its screen and doesn’t answer when she sees who it is. But like, WHY DOES BONNIE HAVE NATE’S PHONE!!!!

And all of our hearts sink.

Finally, we see Annalise returning home. She stumbles inside of her apartment, clearly distraught, drops to her knees and completely loses it.

It’s not looking too good for Nate.


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