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We know Patti LaBelle to be a legend on the stage, racking up Grammies with a little diva flair and a “New Attitude” but Patti’s been part of our lives on the small and big screens for decades too! Here are some of our favorite Patti roles. See her tomorrow night at Majic Under The Stars with Regina Belle, SOS Band and Midnight Star. As an added bonus, use offer code KANDI to get our special two-for-one deal in honor of Kandi celebrating five years breast cancer free!

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1. Chelsea Paige, “Out All Night”

Patti starred in her own sitcom, 1992’s Out All Night which featured an ensemble cast featuring a young Morris Chestnut after Boyz In The Hood, Vivica A. Fox and Duane Martin. Of course, one of the best scenes from the short-lived show featured Patti making sure somebody understood how much legacy means in regards to passing down recipes.

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2. Maxine Patterson, “Greenleaf”

Legend meet Legend! Patti may currently be playing a pastor on OWN’s Greenleaf but in this scene with her and Lynn Whitfield, the two show that there’s a power in being your own boss.

3. Dora Ahs, “American Horror Story: Freak Show”

Brief but memorable in its own way, Patti’s role as Dora Ahs helped further establish how wild, sick and twisted Dandy was.

4. Big Mary, “A Solider’s Story”

Patti had a hand in the Academy Award nominated A Solider’s Story that starred Denzel Washington. She played Big Mary and gave people a little “Poruin’ Whiskey Blues” at that.

5. Adele Wayne, “A Different World”

Patti’s best TV role to many? Playing Dwayne Wayne’s adorable mom Adele in a guest-starring spot on A Different World. The classic moments between her and her “chipmunk” are too precious but for this, we went with her war of words with Diahann Carroll.

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