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Tamar Braxton Uncensored

Source: Courtesy of TVOne / Courtesy of TVOne

Tamar Braxton reportedly refused to return to the stage during Snoop Dogg‘s Redemption of a Dogg play after not receiving food during intermission. A source says that a friend of Tamar’s tried to deliver the food, but did not make it due to security not allowing them backstage. The source also said that Tamar became hysterical and refused to take the stage to finish out the show. Show attendees were in intermission for over an hour, which was only supposed to be 15 minutes.

The insider said, “This isn’t my first rodeo as it pertains to live theater, but I’ve never, ever seen anyone quit over something like this and disappoint their fans this way. She was completely hysterical and totally out of control. She kept screaming, She’s not here for this. Then saying, ‘I’m so sick of this s**t.’ Then she said, ‘you can do this d*mn show without her,’ again, addressing herself in the third person.”