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Nearly 35 years to the day of his passing, the power of Marvin Gaye‘s recordings still have a way of sticking with you. Now, his estate has released a believed “lost” album, an album Gaye was working on as the follow-up to his wildly successful What’s Going On album in 1972.

Gaye didn’t want to create a near replica of What’s Going On with his follow-up. Armed with creative control due to the success of his prior album, Gaye turned to a crew of new producers and arrangers from Willie Hutch to Gloria Jones and Fonce Mizzell along with veterans such as Hal Davis and Gene PageYou’re The Man, the believed follow-up to What’s Going On contains much of the same themes that What’s Going On led with, socially conscious anthems such as “Piece Of Clay.”

For a multitude of reasons, many of which Gaye never truly disclosed, the songs were shelved. Compelling from top to bottom, it’s a mixture of Gaye’s incomparable voice working with some of the best emerging soul musicians around. 47 years after its original process and long after its creator shifted gears to a duet album with Diana Ross and the Trouble Man soundtrack, You’re The Man is a testament to the greatness that was Marvin.

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