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Empire Season 6

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Empire returned last night for its sixth and final season. We left off last season with Lucious on the run from the law and apparently because Lee Daniels is dramatic, Lucious didn’t have access to clippers despite the fact that he was shacked up with Damon Cross’ daughter. Oh yes! It’s a lot.

Let’s break this down because as usual, there’s a lot going on. Cookie left Lucious, and she has been living her life. She’s on a View-style talk show and living out her dreams beyond Empire. Andre is at the helm of Empire and he is also expecting a baby with his new girlfriend. But it’s not all roses, remember he still has to keep his heart healthy and make sure that his cancer doesn’t come back.

That brings us to the moment Cookie and Lucious came face to face for the first time in several months. Lucious managed to sneak into the hospital while Cookie and Andre were waiting for Andre’s doctor. Basically, Lucious and Cookie are back to not getting along but Lucious is on a mission to get some dirt on Damon Cross or Empire and the entire family could be going down again. The feds have been harassing Dre all episode and this will probably be a theme all season.

Becky and Giselle are still at Empire working and looking for the next up and coming talent. That hasn’t been going so well for them but they’ve declared that that are #BlackGirlMagic so they’ll get it together eventually.

Empire Season 6

Source: Fox / Fox

Finally, the big teaser of the season thus far will be who shot Lucious. The episode began nine months in the future. We see a clean shaven Lucious, the version of Lucious who looks like he’s back in the mix at Empire, getting shot and seemingly dying. But you never know with this show.

Anyway, again, whose idea was it to give him that obvious and unnecessarily dramatic dreadlock wig?

P.S. In case you’re wondering, they wrote Jamal (Jussie Smollett) off the way we knew they would. They said he ran off to London to be with his husband, and that’s that.


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