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David McBride

Source: Courtesy of Ronald Hunter / Courtesy of Ronald Hunter

We at Majic 102.1 want to give a birthday shout to one of Houston’s oldest living residents, David McBride Sr, who turns 102 next Wednesday! Join us on-air as we give McBride his flowers and a proper birthday shout today from 4 PM to 5 PM. Listen live here.

David McBride Sr. is one of Houston’s oldest residents at the age of 102, living in the Acres Homes area.

On June 3, 1918, David McBride became the ninth child birthed to Joseph and Ida Toines-McBride in Cooks Point. David experience the loss of his father due to illness when David was only 6 years old. His mother continued to raise the family in the nurture of Christ at Shiloh Baptist Church in Burleson County. David said, “My mama was strict, I couldn’t do what the other children did. I caught a whipping for going to the lake, driving down to catch a fish. My mama found out and asked…well what king of fish did you catch? It was a catfish he told her. His mother asked,” Did you carry him home? He told her no, that he was too scared to do so. His mother asked, “Well then, is this whipping you getting worth it?

David developed a passion for building things. He built a dollhouse for one of his younger sisters. With an education only through the 7th grade, as a young man, David developed an undeniable work ethic. He raised farm animals, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and vegetables. The family’s talent was picking an abundance of cotton as sharecroppers. In 1927, the family raised $2,700 from picking cotton. That was in Ellis County.

David McBride

Source: Courtesy of Ronald Hunter / Courtesy of Ronald Hunter

David recalled his first job of cutting wood and cleaning up more land for farming in Caldwell. He worked from sun-up to sun-down for .50 cents a day.

As an avid lover of baseball, David met the love of his life in the fall of 1938 at a baseball game. Soon afterwards, David and Lucille Allen were married in ceremony on July 28, 1940 at AME Methodist Church in Palmer. David was 22 years old and Lucille was 17 years old. Five (5) children were born to the couple while living in Palmer.

In 1950 the family moved to Houston where seven (7) more children were born. David and Lucille raised 12 kids together, all of whom came to be professionals or members of the U.S. Military. David found employment working at a railroad. He went on to work for Hurricane Fencing and Smith Industries where he retired after 29 years. David made an impression at every job he worked, but so much at Smith Industries, the owner named his son after David. David shared, “I got a White boy named after me.” David also worked at the family home of his boss and became a part of the family. His boss respected David so much that he honored David by naming his son after David.

David was known throughout the Acres Homes community as being the man that “sold the fresh greens”. Being that his hobby was gardening, he planted several crops on his property. The community would line up along the street in front of his property to buy greens, turnips, okra, tomatoes and other vegetables. David later developed some of his property as rental homes.

One of David’s most momentous achievements was the home he currently lives in Acres Homes. He built it from the ground up with his own hands. “This house was designed and built by me. Every brick laid in this house was laid by me, David McBride! I never had a mortgage. When I first came to Houston, I bought this lot and it took me two years to build it. I didn’t have any help.

Well some help from the childlin (children)…I used to work on it during my off days, vacation, and holidays.” David was once asked how did he get the knowledge to build his own home? He replied with a gesture by pointing to his head and saying, “Nobody taught me.”

On August 11, 2010, his wife Lucille of 70 years passed away. Her legacy lives on through the many fond memories they shared together.

David continues to live in his home where he is cared for by his daughters and other family members. He is of sound mind and he reads the newspaper every day. His favorite team is the Houston Rockets. He knows the players by name and each of their strengths and weaknesses. Up until the last few years, he did not use anything to assist him to walk. He now uses his walker and cane. He has a few bird nests and birdhouses in the front yard where he watches the birds and squirrels from his chair near his window.