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The course correction in society in the wake of Black Lives Matter demand that police be held accountable for the abuse and killing of Black men and women has led to some interesting moments.

Confederate statues dedicated to individuals who fought for the upholding of slavery have been torn down or removed. Various cities have painted Black Lives Matter on streets and renamed plazas and companies have written memos in regards to standing in solidarity in ending racism and creating more diversity within. Another course correction? Realtors in Houston saying they will no longer refer to bedrooms as “master” bedrooms in listings.

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TMZ reported on Saturday (June 27) that the Houston Association of Realtors will no longer use the term “master” when describing the biggest bedroom and bathroom in a home. The association will describe these areas as “primary” bedrooms or bathrooms. The Houston Association of Realtors has been considering the change for years due to the city’s large Black population and it was called to the public’s attention that the term “master” could be a reference to the antebellum era of the United States where slavery was law and the “slavemaster” would have separate quarters from slaves and others in the house.

Of course, many Black men and women have felt that the move was merely symbolic and bigger issues sit on the table. See their reactions below.