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Tamar Braxton’s boyfriend/fiancé’/ex-all the above, allegedly, David Adefeso was a hero for saving Tamar’s life after an alleged suicide attempt however it seems that his hero status was short lived as everyone has been coming for Adefeso from Tamar’s ex-husband Vince to now living legend R&B singer and the eldest of the Braxton sisters, Toni Braxton.

If you take him back, it’s gon’ be the same, Just do what you need to do, Do what you need to do

David Adefeso hero status faded when he posted a vacation post with Tamar’s son, Logan, a gesture that she did not appreciate.  Then somewhere in the hustle and bustle of that restraining order papers started flying, David claims that Tamar abused him but leaked texts from her ex-husband Vincent Herbert say’s otherwise causing Vince to put his foot down with the David Adefeso drama.

Now big sister Toni Braxton  from Maryland is jumping in.

We are not sure what started this or who is going to finish but Toni Braxton took to Twitter to let Mr Love Man ♫ David, that she see’s him as a weasel and DO NOT involve her children in his BS (well you know Toni would say BS, she said shenanigans)

Take a look at Toni’s Tweet below

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