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World-renowned Grammy award-winning DJ, producer, rapper, and writer DJ Spinderella spent National Hip Hop Day sharing memories, reminiscing and celebrating the birth of the world’s most popular genre.

DJ Spinderella

Source: Reagan Elam / Upload by: Reagan Elam

So, when exactly did Hip Hop really begin?

Spinderella credits Bronx native DJ Kool Herc as an originator of Hip Hop, saying, “From what I remember DJ Kool Herc was giving like a basement party, I was a little too young, I was only a couple of years old, but I remember him having a party and that’s where it all started. That’s where they dubbed it.”

Encountering more flashbacks Spinderella says, “Oh my gosh. The moment I began falling in love with Hip Hop was in High School. It wasn’t until I heard KRIS1, BDP, OG Magnetic on the radio back then. I just remember hearing BDP in 1986 and I was blown away.”

Widely known as a staple of the genre, Spinderella began her career as one-third of the iconic rap trio Salt-N-Pepa, selling over 15 million albums and singles worldwide. Her career began at the age of 16 when Salt-N-Pepa asked DJ Spinderella to join one of the first female rap groups.

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“I was in the 11th grade when I started with them. I missed my whole senior year because I was on the road all the time,” she said.

Although it was fun being on the road, Spinderella knew her parents were very strict and made sure she had a curfew enforced.

She expressed how it felt to be the seed of music during that time with her father being a ‘collector’ of music, having all the new music and albums at the time.

“It was really the infectious beats that made me really fall in love,” she added.

She went on to reveal the first time she was introduced to turntables and DJ’ng was by her then high school boyfriend, who went by the name AD.

“[He] was a DJ,” Spinderella said. “So, he had turntables and I would be with him all the time DJ’ng with him practicing and playing on his turntables. That’s how I started DJ’ing.  And we were just so in love… it’s just crazy.”

Under his watch, she’d learn all of the skills and techniques to make her a hot commodity. However, the burgeoning star didn’t have turntables of her own. When she became part of Salt-N-Pepa, she got a pair all to herself, gifted by Salt-N-Pepa no less.

Presently, Spinderella performs both international and domestic gigs as an independent artist while also being a mentor to up-and-coming DJs and entrepreneurs. From BET to People Magazine, she is celebrated for embarking on a new chapter in her career.

With numerous lifetime achievement awards including VH1 Hip Hop Honors, Global Spin Breaking Barriers’ and the BET ICON award, Spinderella is a notable pioneer in the Hip Hop industry for empowering and inspiring the entire DJing community. Now, in addition to continuing to DJ the world’s largest events, she has become a motivational speaker for aspiring artists.

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