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If you’ve noticed Steve Harvey’s major style upgrade then you can give all the credit to his stylish wife, Marjorie Harvey, as the comedian is crediting Marjorie for being the one to push him to ditch his long suits and opt for a more trendy look.

In an interview with GQ last week, the Family Feud host talked about the importance of impressing his wife with his style choices, crediting her for giving him permission to switch it up.  “My wife is my biggest critic and my biggest fan,” he explained. “She stopped me from wearing the big long suits a long time ago. She said, ‘Steve, can I talk to you?’ She said, ‘I’m tired of being married to a pimp.’ And I went, ‘What?’ I was stunned, because you married me and that’s all I had, was big suits. She said, ‘Yeah, but I was going to change you anyway.’”

But Steve’s wife Marjorie wasn’t the only one who encouraged him to take fashion risks. The host also gave credit to his Facebook Watch show, Steve on Watch and stylist, Elly Karamoh, who gave him permission to rock his street style. The comedian told GQ, “Facebook Watch came along and said, ‘We don’t want you to dress like you did on your talk show. We want you to dress like you do in your day-to-day.’ So I went to Elly and said, ‘OK, man, they’re going to let me do my thing. I need your help to help me get the stuff that I like, because I don’t know where to buy half of this stuff.’ So that was the beginning of it right there: they took the shackles off and didn’t require that I dress as a game show host all the time.”

But Marjorie and Elly aren’t the only ones appreciative of Steve’s fashion switch up, as fans are noticing too with many taking to social media to leave their comments complimenting the 64-year-old on his upgraded look. On his recent Instagram photos from his trip to Paris, a fan commented “Is there a reward for the best-dressed man ever?” While another added, “You’re a supermodel Steve.”

And according to Steve, he’s only just getting started, telling GQ “Even though I’m 64 years old, my motto is to be fly ’till I die,” Harvey told GQ.

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