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President Obama made a “friendly wager” with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the men’s hockey finals, betting a case of beer on the Olympics outcome on Sunday.

“If Canada wins, Prime Minister Harper will purchase a case of Yuengling for President Obama and if the US wins, President Obama will purchase a case of Molson Canadian for Prime Minister Harper,” White House aide Nicholas Shapiro said.

The stakes are much higher for Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, who had bet his Canadian counterpart that the US women’s hockey team would win. Rather than pay up his wager — which was that he would wear a Canadian hockey jersey at an off-camera gaggle — Gibbs has gone double or nothing. If the US men’s team wins, Gibbs won’t have to wear the jersey. But if Canada wins, he’ll wear it — on camera, for the first 15 minutes of a briefing.

UPDATE: At the end of the first period (Canada 1, U.S. 0) the White House issued a revised statement clarifying that Obama will buy Harper Molson if Canada wins, while Harper would purchase Yuengling for Obama if the U.S. prevails.