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Jury Selection Continues In Former President Donald Trump's New York Hush Money Trial

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On Thursday, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign said it plans to deploy more than 100,000 attorneys and volunteers across battleground states to monitor the counting of votes and potentially challenge the count. The RNC also confirmed that attorneys will be stationed at “every single target processing center where mail ballots are tabulated.”

“Having the right people to count the ballots is just as important as turning out voters on Election Day,” Trump said in a statement.

Now, to political rubes in the MAGA world, this might seem like a practical precaution to take to ensure election security, but to people who know things, it should be abundantly clear that Trump’s campaign is planning to recruit a lot of manpower just for propaganda and political posturing purposes and the promotion (alliteration bars) of the big and thoroughly debunked lie that the 2020 election was rigged.

From Politico:

The initiative — which the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee described as “the most extensive and monumental election integrity program in the nation’s history” — will include training poll watchers and workers as well as lawyers.

The program underscores Trump’s ongoing fixation with election security, which he deployed in an attempt to undermine the results of the 2020 election despite the widespread conclusion, even among Republican officials, that there was no widespread fraud.

Trump has warned supporters, without evidence, that Democrats could try to rig the 2024 election. Trump made the same false claims about the 2020 election, which he unsuccessfully tried to overturn.

Trump has privately complained that his political apparatus was not adequately prepared for the legal battles in the 2020 election. He has made clear to advisers that he would like a more robust effort to be able to challenge election results as needed.

Really? Trump needs “a more robust effort” to challenge election results? After losing his bid for a second term in 2020, Trump and his legal team tied up dozens of courts with lawsuits claiming the election was rigged, and all that “robust” legal endeavor did was result in dozens of judges across lower courts, appellate courts and supreme courts dismissing those cases, mostly, for lack of evidence. And that was after the former head of election cybersecurity, Trump’s own attorney general and his administration’s own Department of Justice all agreed that there was no evidence of a rigged election. Trump’s problem isn’t that his efforts weren’t “robust” enough, it’s that his delusions don’t trump reality.
There’s also an argument here that Trump is deploying his army of ballot count stalkers to intimidate election workers, who might fear receiving the same treatment as former Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and Wandrea Arshaye “Shaye” Moss, who testified that they had to flee their homes due to the mobs of racist MAGA morons who were threatening them after Trump and Rudy Giuliani persistently accused the Black mother and daughter of ballot stuffing and exchanging USB drives “like they were vials of heroin or cocaine”—a lie Giuliani was still repeating as recently as this week.
After all, who would volunteer to be voter precinct ops for Trump unless they were election deniers who don’t understand how the electoral process works, but would love nothing more than to play ballot cop while looking for election fraud that isn’t happening?
“In 2024 we’re going to beat the Democrats at their own game and the RNC legal team will be working tirelessly to ensure that elections officials follow the rules in administering elections,” said the RNC’s general counsel, Charlie Spies, who helped draft the program to deploy an army of arbitrary ballot watchers, which includes “lawyers to monitor voter machine testing, early voting, election day voting, mail ballot processing and post-election canvassing, auditing and recounts,” and a “hotline that poll watchers and voters can use to report problems,” Politico reported.
What does Spies even mean by “beat the Democrats at their own game?” Does he mean they’ll win fair and legal elections, or that they will lose without throwing a massive and extended temper tantrum and spreading propaganda about nonexistent election rigging?
“We will aggressively take them to court if they don’t follow rules or try to change them at the last minute,” Spies continued, describing events that never happened when Trump lost.
It’s really simple, y’all: The GOP is planning to deploy more than 100,000 people as a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist all because they can’t let go of the “big lie.” Hopefully, the election laws on the books in most states will prevent Trump’s moronic and massively miseducated MAGA minions (more alliteration bars) from interfering with election workers who are just trying to do their jobs.
More from Politico:
Most states have rules regulating activities at polling sites. That includes laws prohibiting voter intimidation, obstructing voters from casting their ballots, loitering and advertising. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, partisan poll workers are allowed to monitor elections but can’t interfere in the electoral process except to report issues.
All Republicans do is lie and then reinforce those lies through legislation, policy changes, and stupid and transparent political stunts like this. It’s pathetic the way they keep crying about election widespread fraud that doesn’t exist while blatantly moving to undermine the very democracy they’re purporting to protect. It’s also dangerous.SEE ALSO:

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