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Just when you thought sex could not get any better, research has proven that orgasms are essential to your health and can help to maintain a better quality of life. You heard me right! Orgasms can help to maintain your health.  Check out these benefits to having a healthy sexual appetite:

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1.Calms Cravings For Junk Food

Are you a junk food addict? Enjoy the taste of a snicker bar and a big bag of chips on a regular basis? The next time you want to crack open that bag of Cheetos call your honey over instead. Sexual stimulation creates phenetylamine which is a natural amphetamine that controls your appetite.  Put the chips down and get busy! Literally!

2. Great Exercise

We have all heard the theory that sex is great exercise but how many of us really take it into consideration when dieting and forming our exercise plan? I’m guessing not many.  You burn about 1000 calories on average during sex. This is a great addition to you running for a mile or two on the treadmill. Not to mention it is much more fun if you are doing it right!

3. Nighty-Night

You ever wonder why after a good session of love making you are extremely exhausted?  It is because orgasms release endorphins which are a natural tranquilizer.  These endorphins act as a calming agent and help to relax you to the point of sleep. In other words great sex can knock you out!

4. Take The Pain Away

Sex also is the perfect way to relieve any headaches or body aches you may be having.  Contrary to the opinion that sex would increase your pain level it actually acts as a natural pain reliever. Sexual stimulation releases endorphins which can increase your tolerance to pain by as much as 70 percent.  The next time you are feeling a little body ache tell your partner to come play doctor.

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5. Stress Reliever

Having an orgasm can wash away the stress of the day. There is increased blood flow from sexual stimulation which comes to a relaxing climax with an orgasm. The tension in your body relaxes you and pent up nerves in your nervous system. The end result is a calming affect and a relaxing of your whole body and its muscles.  The next time you are at work and your boss is practicing to win the worst boss in America award, call your honey and see if you can snack on them during your lunch. You are sure to come back refreshed and ready for the rest of your day!

6. Love Your Scars Away

Women release a hormone called Oxytocin during sex. It is also known as the “cuddle hormone” because of its role in female reproduction. This hormone has been found to be related to healing scars and other wounds. Such as the scars that many diabetics have by regenerating certain cells needed. Got a stubborn scar that won’t go away? Tell your partner to get to work!

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