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Have you ever wished you could be one of those evil women who constantly broadcast to the world that they eat greasy chicken wings and fries for lunch everyday and never workout? Well if you want, eat those chicken wings… and the fries too! And skip your daily workout once or twice if you don’t feel like doing it. But combine it all with some of these power foods so that your body works for you, not against you.

Foods You Should Eat For Younger Looking Skin

A great little site called EcoSalon recently profiled 15 food option to boost your metabolism. They are:

1. Grapefruit

Rich in fiber to make your body actively burn fat calories, lowers insulin levels that help store fat.

2. Green Tea

Green Tea is a catechin that helps get your brain and nervous system into gear so as to ‘fight fat.’

3. Yogurt

Natural yogurt contains high levels of protein. Your body processes a lot of energy with protein.

4. Almonds

Rich in fatty acids with which your body can raise metabolism levels.

5. Coffee

Caffeine is an energy booster (as we all know), but just don’t go overboard.

6. Turkey

Turkey is meat that has high amounts of lean protein, which your body process and uses to burn more calories.

7. Apples

Like many fruits, apples are rich in fiber. Your body needs to work hard to breakdown fiber and in the process produces a lot of energy. Apples also make you feel full.


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