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MAGA nuts are finding out first hand that partaking in a bootleg coup comes with some serious consequences.

All hell broke loose last week after the lame-duck president Donald Trump told his faithful domestic terrorists to march down to the U.S.Capitol and disrupt the certification of Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory. The world watched in horror as some Capitol Police officers did their best to hold back the mob while other officers allowed the madness into the people’s house.

One officer was recorded taking a selfie with a protestor. Others just allowed the rioters to walk away Scott-free after the raid of the U.S. Capitol that left five people dead, including an officer and one rioter who was shot trying to gain entry.

Those involved with the act of insurrection really believed they were going to get away with the saltine-fueled coup, but Democrats and a handful of Republicans said aht aht aht.

After the dust settled, the FBI and local enforcement has stepped up and begun arresting people whose faces were plastered all over social media after they boldly posted photos of themselves breaking into Congress member’s offices and even on the House and Senate floor. The chef’s kiss of this entire situation is now these people are really being treated like the terrorists they are truly are and have been placed on No-fly lists.

Videos of passengers who have been suspected of being involved in the riots being removed from airplanes have hit social media, and Twitter is thoroughly enjoying these delicious MAGA tears.

These people honestly believed they could literally storm the U.S.Capitol without facing any legal consequences is a pure example of the white privilege Black people have been complaining about for YEARS. It’s absolutely satisfying seeing these domestic terrorists being treated as the criminals and traitors they truly are.

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Photo: PATRICK T. FALLON / Getty

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