Jackson argued that African-American actors should have a stake in portraying the Black experience in America on film.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE LOCAL ORGANIZERS CREATE LIST OF BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES IN HOUSTON HOUSTON, November … , 2015 The Texas Southern University Chapter of Collegiate 100 has collaborated with the Houston local organizing committee in order to create the “50 Shades of Black” Spending Campaign. This challenge consists of Texas Southern University Students, as well […]

A new study from the Pew Research Center says that the number of African immigrants moving to America has almost doubled each decade since 1970.

A new survey is revealing that Americans feel like Blacks were treated more fairly in 2007 than now.

This year, the city of Pearland held their 4th of July 2015 Celebration of Freedom at Pearland High School Football Stadium (The Rig).  The Majic 102.1 crew and the Radio One family were in attendance for all of the festivities, food, and fun at the Independence Day party in Pearland.  Here are a few “Moments […]

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When we talk about the United States becoming a global economic power, many discount the role slavery and free labor played in bolstering American capitalism. Author Edward E.…

Memorial Day has long been known as a holiday to celebrate and honor America’s soldiers. It’s also the holiday that officially kicks off summer, which…

Via: John Legend has launched a multi-year campaign to fight against mass incarceration called “Free America“. He plans to pass laws that lightens the sentences of crimes such as possession of small amount of drugs, forgery and fraud.  He wants to make them misdemeanors instead of felonies.  Click the link below for more info. […]

For the first time ever, President Barack Obama spoke about the idea of mandatory voting, the Washington Times reports. During a town hall meeting in Cleveland this week,…

Via: *A provocative PBS documentary, “American Denial,” examines racism partly through the prism of Swedish sociologist Gunnar Myrdal’s 1944 groundbreaking research of Jim Crow racism in the Deep South.  The purpose of the documentary is to show that despite electing Barack Obama as the first African American president we are far from having a […]