According to a new study, black women are more likely to die from breast cancer than their white counterparts. Although there has been a 35 percent decrease in the breast cancer mortality rate from 1990 to 2012, the breakdown by race offers a different story. The death rates for black women decreased by 23 percent […]

If DeAngelo were Caucasian if there would be the same level of opposition while trying to honor his late family members and empower breast cancer survivors?

Let’s face it beauties, we love to shop. But with October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, why not spend our hard-earned dollars on products that will benefit research for the disease? Breast cancer remains the most commonly-diagnosed form of cancer for African American women. Worse, our mortality rate is nearly twice as high as […]

We salute Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams for keeping the memory of his late mother, Sandra Hill, alive in such an impactful way. In 2014 she succumb to breast cancer at the age of 53. According to ABC, he’s also lost four aunts to the disease. In memory, DeAngelo will now pay for 53 women to have […]

via TheTutuProject.Com One man decided to pose in a pink tutu to help his wife laugh her way through her Breast Cancer treatment. Check out this video of him and his wife explaining the story. It’s funny…and heartwarming. Check out some more photos from The Tutu Project below. <!–nextpage–>   <!–nextpage–>   <!–nextpage–>   <!–nextpage–> […]

Juices 1 medium mango ½ cup of pineapple 3 cups of spinach Benefits: anti-inflammatory, antioxidants (mangiferin, quercetin), vitamins (A, C, D, K), chlorophyll, iron, folate and alkalizing properties 1 cup of watermelon 2 cups of pea shoots (sprouts) ½ inch of ginger Benefits: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant (lycopene), chlorophyll, vitamins (A, C), folic acid and alkalizing properties […]

  The Susan G. Komen Foundation has enlisted the help of a doo-wop to remind you to get tested for Breast Cancer. Susan G. Komen…

Nestle Fitness is promoting breast cancer awareness by seeing how many people they can catch sneaking a peek at one woman’s cleavage. You might recognize…