According to a NewsWeek article, the Food and Drug Administration says that breast implants have been linked to nine deaths from a very rare cancer, indicating that there’s a very low increased risk in women who have implants. The World Health Organization said several years ago that the cancer, a type of lymphoma, could develop […]

A new study found that in addition to the dangers of addiction, there could be a new worry about opioid painkillers, with University of Colorado researchers that they could cause chronic pain. The Denver Post reports that, The study found that opioids, like morphine, caused an increase in chronic pain in lab rats, a finding […]

Being a procrastinator is bad for your health. A new, short video from Men’s Health explains that waiting until the last minute actually puts your body in a highly alert, “fight-or-flight” state.  Watch this video to see what happens to your body when you procrastinate. Chronic stress of this magnitude can really take its toll, […]

Although I suffered from Asthma as a child I was fortunate to grow out of the condition.  That’s how they said it back then.  But many deal with Asthma all of their lives and it wasn’t until I was older and had a musician friend die from an Asthma attack that I finally realize how […]

Break out the red paper plates for Christmas!  According to Women’s Health, If you want to eat less you should buy plates on the smaller side in the color red. To find this, researchers gave participants snacks of popcorn and chocolate chips served on either red, white or blue plates. They found that those who […]

Diana Ross reportedly caused a scene at a Beverly Hills restaurant last week after being told she had to wait to be seated.  Find out what happened here.

Via: The CDC released a report recently, revealing the U.S. teen birth rate decreased again in 2010. Almost every state saw a decline in teen births from 2007-2010, but Arizona experienced the biggest drop at 29 percent. In fact, U.S. births by mothers of all ages dropped in 2010, and experts cite the economy […]

Stars down for the Cause – Singer Raheem DeVaughn and Dr. Cornel West were arrested and charged with tresspassing  during the Occupy DC Movement protests in Washington, DC this weekend. The two were arrested on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court and charged with trespassing. See Photos and Read more Source: Urban Daily Check out […]