One of the women allegedly being held hostage by R. Kelly denies that she’s being held in a cult. Joycelyn Savage (21) held a conference with TMZ clearing up “sex slave” accusations saying she’s exactly where she wants to be. Savage says she still texts her parents but explains why she’s cut off communication with them.   Savage […]

R. Kelly is being accused of holding women against their will in a sex cult. According to Buzzfeed, several parents are concerned about their daughters living in a cult where R. Kelly controls “every aspect of their lives.” Three former employees of Kelly allege he has six women living in his homes in Chicago and Atlanta. […]

Reyna Chicas, 32, is the leader of the “cult-like” group missing in Southern California, officials say. Officials in Southern California issued an emergency alert late Saturday for six adults and eight children who are members of a “cult-like” group believed to be planning a mass suicide. “They were awaiting the rapture or some other catastrophic […]