Welcome to the first installment of HelloBeautiful’s new series “Diaries of a Skinny Fat Girl.” Each week HelloBeautiful will go underneath the skinny jeans and loose fitting shirts of our readers to uncover their battles of the bulge. This week we met The Media Maven who will fad diet to lose five pounds. Weekly Goals: […]

(From blackdoctor.org) Fat-free is the healthiest choice. Don’t eat after the sun goes down. Eat a low carb diet. We’ve all been exposed to various “diet tips” over the years and, accurate or not, many of us still live by them. It’s time to demystify six of these outdated and unhelpful rules once and for […]

(From Zenhabits.net) Diet is the biggest component to losing fat — you can burn 600 calories (for example) in a workout, but you can easily eat 2-3 times that much in one sitting if you’re eating junk food. As they say, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. I’d still recommend getting active and burning calories […]

(From blackdoctor.org) – Swimsuit season is here and pretty much everybody is beginning their quest to develop their beach body.

In my previous article dealing with gluten I discussed why you need to avoid gluten.  In this article I will discuss  gluten free diets. My source for this particular article is the Mayo Clinic.

Ready to start your heart-healthy diet? Here are seven tips to get you started.

Some people gain 5 to 10 unwanted pounds over the course of the holiday season--between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. Here are a few tips from shine.com that can help you start the New Year on the right—and maybe lighter—foot: