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Ok. It’s Monday. The Monday before the esteemed “Valentine’s Day” and while I am a single, non-dating woman who is not expecting or looking to receive gifts from a lover or significant other (my son is only 2 so he won’t count for years to come); I am looking forward to being someone’s “Funny Valentine” to My Mother!


Like many others, I made a mental note that today would need to be the day I planned whatever “surprise” gift I would send my Mom, to let her know that she is not forgotten. That I appreciate her love, support and unwavering love for me. But what would say this, without breaking my bank!? Hey, I’m keeping it real, my personal income tax has yet to come in.

So I logged online today, thinking “Why, don’t I send Mom an Edible Arrangement to the job. That would be great!” But as I reviewed offerings, something enticed me to make it even more personal; and to create the arrangement myself! Nothing would make her day more, than receiving an arrangement hand-made and hand delivered from her loving daughter.

I found a recipe on Food that illustrates a really simple [and seemingly less expensive] way to get this done. Click here to see the video!

Now, I‘ve never done this before, so I’ve taken to the handy world-wide web to gather examples of how to create Valentine creations. If you’re risk taker or like the more personal touch or just have time on your hands, check out some of these DIY self-arrangements below. Make someone’s HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!