According to TMZ, Former NBA star Derek Fisher was arrested for DUI over the weekend after wrecking a Cadillac Escalade. The car is registered to Golden State Warrior Matt Barnes who was previously married to Fisher’s current girlfriend Gloria Govan. Barnes had given the vehicle to Govan to aid with the transport of their sons. […]

​​ Ethan Couch, the Texas teen who’s “affluenza” case attracted national attention, can possibly face time in jail now that a judge has decided to try the 18-year-old as an adult. Couch was placed on 10 years probation for killing four people in a DUI crash in 2013. Defense claimed Couch suffered from “affluenza,” meaning […]

Affluenza teen Ethan Couch was discovered by authorities after a phone order to Domino's Pizza gave away his location, FOX News reports.

Jason Flanery, the St. Louis police officer involved in the shooting death of VonDerrit Myers Jr. in October 2014, has resigned amid a DUI probe.

Ethan Couch, the teenager who avoided jail time after killing four people in a DUI crash due to his defense team's "affluenza" argument -- that stated the rich kid's parents were to blame for spoiling him -- is wanted by the police for violating his probation.

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Today is WTH?! Thursday on NewsOne Now, our weekly rundown of the craziest stories trending in this week’s news. Aruba Tommy Bennett, Autumn Joy, and Lamont King join Roland Martin for this week’s foray into insanity. We kick things off at a Donald Trump rally with a couple of interesting political supporters vowing their allegiances to the GOP […]

MC Supreme, known for his ’90s hit song “Black in America,” was killed in a suspected DUI accident, Variety reports. The rapper, real name Dewayne Lawrence…

Katherine Jackson, whose teenage son was just killed in a car crash, wore her son’s cap and gown and participated in what would have been…

Actor Dorien Wilson, just got sentenced for a sencond DUI,  best know for roles like Professor Stanley Oglevee, UPN sitcom The Parkers and as talk show host Eddie Charles on HBO’s series Dream On. According to sources, Wilson was driving in Los Angeles back in February when he was puled over and booked for DUI. […]

Justin Bieber was taken into police custody early this morning (January 23rd) for DUI. Law enforcement officials tell TMZ The Biebes appeared wasted when they pulled him over for drag racing and they also booked him for driving on an expired license and resisting arrest without violence. After failing the field sobriety test, Justin was taken to […]

According to TMZ: Miguel — the singer behind the hit “Adorn” — has been charged with 2 counts of drunk driving stemming from his August 15 arrest in L.A. We broke the story … the 27-year-old was initially stopped for excessively dark tint on the windows of his 2013 BMW X6 … and during the stop, cops suspected […]