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Go ahead and make dinner plans with some friends– a new study finds that eating alone is one of the biggest causes of unhappiness. Oxford Economics and the National Centre for Social Research surveyed more than 8,000 British adults to assess their well-being. They found eating alone is more strongly associated with unhappiness than any […]

If you like eating spicy food, it could help you live longer.  According to a Men’s Health, New research from the University of Vermont find that eating red chili peppers leads to a 13 percent reduction in total mortality. Researchers said spicy peppers prevent obesity, increase blood flow, and alter your gut bacteria, and that […]

How much spice can you handle in your food? New findings published in the British Medical Journal suggest, You chow down on chili peppers once or twice a week live longer. Researchers looked at the health, diets, and alcohol consumption of over 485,000 people in China. After controlling for many variables, they found that those […]

We hear all the time about how healthy it is to eat dark chocolate, but if you’re a milk chocolate lover, rejoice!  According to The Daily Mail,  New findings published in the medical journal Heart show that eating milk chocolate might actually be good for you. Researchers looked at information from a 12 year study […]

Dr. Robyne Chutkan says the USDA food pyramid is misleading and will make you fat.  If so, what should we be eating to control that ever-expanding mid-section.  Dr Chutkan sits down with Roland Martin of NewsOne Now to explain.  Click here for More.

Lets face it H Town Foodies, Its hard out here for a pimp and a restaurant owner too! And that’s the reason why this Mexican…

Attention all my #HTownFoodies!!!!! How far are you willing to go to have a body like Beyonce? Well, after that cayenne pepper, lemon, honey tea…

I cannot believe I’ve driven past Christies Seafood and Steaks on Westheimer Road so many times over the years with absolutely no idea what magic…

I cannot believe I’ve driven past Christies Seafood and Steaks on Westheimer Road so many times over the years with absolutely no idea what magic was behind those closed doors!  Right on the corner of Westheimer and Greenridge is Houston History, a place where Presidents come to dine –  a hub for the Greek community, […]

Wanna Try Something Different? Put Lillo & Ella at the Top Of your list for some Asian Tapas! Great food with a laid back sophists-cool environment located in The Heights. We stumbled across this new H-town gem while on the hunt for some out of this world flavor on a Saturday Night In the Heights. […]

Ingredients 2 cups kalamata or nicoise olives, pitted 3 cloves garlic, peeled, coarsely chopped 5 anchovy fillets 3 tablespoons pine nuts 1/2 cup olive oil Salt and freshly ground black pepper Combine olives, garlic, anchovies and pine nuts in a food processorand process until smooth. With the motor running, slowly add the oil until emulsified. Season with salt […]

Eating healthy can sometimes be costly so we found some help for your wallet and healthy dinners. Click here to READ MORE.