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Chocolate bar, close-up

Source: Chris Everard / Getty

We hear all the time about how healthy it is to eat dark chocolate, but if you’re a milk chocolate lover, rejoice!  According to The Daily Mail,

 New findings published in the medical journal Heart show that eating milk chocolate might actually be good for you. Researchers looked at information from a 12 year study involving 21,000 U.K. residents who reported on their diets. It was discovered that people to regularly ate chocolate, milk or dark, were 11 percent less likely to have a heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular problem than people who ate none at all. Eating the sweet treat was also associated with a 25 percent reduced risk of dying of a heart problem. Study leaders note that results were skewed slightly by the fact that people who have a high risk of heart disease may steer clear of chocolate, so those who eat the treat regularly might already be healthier. Still, their report reads, “…the cumulative evidence suggests that high chocolate consumption may be associated with cardiovascular benefits.”

I think I’m going to start eating two milk chocolate bars a day, myself!