The American treasure that is Betty White is being sued.  How dare they?! She’s being sued by a former caretaker who claims that the 94-year-old actress for overworking her. The lawsuit was filed last week by the former employee who is alleging that she was not allowed to take breaks and was working overtime without […]

Take short a moment to learn about the ‘National Alliance of Federal and Postal Employees.’ CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

Katt Williams told an audience at the Comedy Store in Hollywood why he slapped the Target employee.  Read the story here.

Katt Williams reportedly walked into a Target store in Sacramento, Calif. and slapped an employee in the face. According to, in the footage, Katt can be seen arguing with the employee before he slaps him. The employee is said to have called the cops.  This is just a week after reports say that Katt led police […]

A new book by an ex-Facebook employee is exposing some of the company’s deepest darkest secrets.