Gov. Rick Snyder's office says the water has been tested and it meets the quality standards under the Lead and Copper Rule and Safe Drinking Water Act.

Officials and residents urge the nation to not forget about them in their time of need.

POTUS also made sure to get some face time with Amariyanna Copeny, an 8-year-old from Flint that sent him a letter asking him to visit her town.

There are also accusations that inmates in Flint's county jail were forced to drink toxic water months after the fact.

“I admire Rick Snyder for stepping up right now. He’s going to the challenge, and he’s fired people and accepted responsibility to fix this."

President Obama on Thursday announced his administration would give the city $80 million in federal funding to assist in the water crisis poisoning thousands -- a growing scandal that has sparked resignation requests from citizens for Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder.

Residents of Flint, Michigan have taken action against city and state officials by filing three separate class action lawsuits alleging breach of contract, unjust enrichment, breach of implied warranty and violation of Michigan’s Consumer Protection Act stemming from the city’s inadequate drinkable water. In the suits, the petitioners allege that Flint’s tap water became contaminated […]


Democratic frontrunner Bernie Sanders is bringing attention to the water crisis that is unfolding in Michigan. Sanders is calling for Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder to resign after the situation left over 30,000 people in Flint without drinkable tap water and thousands of people sick. “There are no excuses. The governor long ago knew about the […]


President Obama on Saturday announced an emergency declaration that would allocate $5 million in federal aid to assist Flint in the water crisis.

A professor at Virginia Tech who has been investigating the lead poisoning crisis in Flint, MI is accusing state officials ignoring a notice from July 2015 warning them of abnormally high led levels in the blood of local children. Lead poisoning can breed incurable health and behavioral problems, as well as lower a child’s IQ […]

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Officials in Flint, Michigan have declared a state of emergency due to the quality of the city’s drinking water. According to NBC News, “Tests have shown elevated lead levels in the blood of some local children: prompting the Mayor of Flint, MI to declare the state of emergency to pave the way for possible government […]