In February, President Barack Obama announced an initiative to respond to the economic, employment, and educational disparities that young men of color face as they enter…

Local charities already struggling to provide food for needy families worry that a U.S. Senate bill that cuts $14 billion from the national food stamp program will increase demand for assistance in the Houston area and put more strain on nonprofit groups. Harris County stands to lose an estimated $174.3 million in federal aid, leaving […]

Via NewsOne: Recently, President Barack Obama pledged his efforts as well as $900 million to stop the national high school drop out crisis. The efforts of one leader and money are not enough to stop the problem, but it is a start. The current education system offers no skills or career opportunities to the many […]

From Inside Higher Ed WASHINGTON — President Obama on Friday signed a renewal of the executive order on federal efforts to assist historically black colleges. While the executive order itself follows the form of orders in previous administrations, the head of the Obama administration’s effort for the colleges said that the executive order would set […]