Boxing great George Foreman had a bit of a scare at his mansion on Sunday night. A fire had emerged from his garage but thanks to firefighters, the fire was quickly put out. Foreman reacted to the news on Twitter: “Don’t worry all is well, Dogs are barking and I don’t mean my feet. Thanks […]

“Fist Sunday in 42 years without my Freeda,” George Foreman tweeted on Sunday, still mourning the loss of his daughter. Freeda Foreman was found dead in her Atascocita home on Saturday. Big George, the former two-time heavyweight champion, remembered his daughter with a touching tweet. “Daddy I want to Box,”Get an Education first” I said, […]

Freeda Foreman, the daughter of George Foreman has passed away. She was 42. Freeda, one of Big George’s 7 daughters followed him in his footsteps, beginning to box professionally as a middleweight beginning in 2000. She won her first five fights before losing her sixth fight in 2001. She promptly retired after the loss, settling for […]

Since his retirement former heavyweight boxing champ George Foreman has been a busy man. He’s promoted his ever-popular George Foreman grill, Meineke auto repair shops,…