Fairfield University students held an off-campus ghetto-theme party. School officials launched an investigation and are organizing racial sensitivity training.

Awards season for students is usually a joyous occasion, but one Texas family was livid to find that their son received something called a “Ghetto Classroom Award.” Two…

New Music

Rhino Entertainment has released, “Never My Love: The Anthology,” a four -disc collection that includes 23 previously unreleased tracks from Donny Hathaway.  Some live recordings featured in the collection included renditions of well known hits, such as Marvin Gaye’s ‘Whats Going On’ and Steve Wonder’s ‘Superwoman’.  While fans are enjoying the new music, Hathaway’s family […]

The dictionary describes poverty as a state of being extremely poor and being inferior in quality or insufficient in amount. When we hear poverty we immediately think inner city or rural America, some call it “The Ghetto!”  However, it’s been reported that it’s in the idyllic suburbs. A record 15.4 million suburban residents lived below the […]

  *Ah yes, once you’ve seen him, how can anyone forget the one and only Antoine Dodson. Remember the young man, who is commonly mistaken for a woman, in Huntsville, Ala. who spoke to the press about the “bed intruder?” The news clip went viral over night and brought to this young project boy  some long […]