Vibe has reported that Steve Harvey has revived Showtime at the Apollo with help from Fox. Harvey said in a statement, “We all had such a blast on the two specials that aired earlier this season, that we thought it really deserved being a weekly event. But our mission is a little different this time […]

Hey everyone, we’re all aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  There are a number of organizations to make a charitable donation to, but how can we do more towards touching and impacting those who have been affected personally by this disease?  Of course there are the traditional walks, runs, and races, but for […]

Louis ‘Thunder Thumps’ Johnson one of the greatest R&B Bassist of all time past on Thursday, May 21, 2015.  Louis along with his brother George were and are The Brothers Johnson and were favorites of Quincy Jones in the recording studio.  Take a look back with us and as we celebrate Louis Johnson.  Click […]


Michael Brown has been buried but what now? Jesse Jackson offers his suggestions that could result in real change in the aftermath of this tragic event. Click here for Jesse Jackson on Ferguson.

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Kobe Bryant has opened up about his relationship with Michael Jackson. In 2009, with the King of Pop tragically passed away, the Lakers star guard described him as his mentor. By:

Janet Jackson and J Dupri Finish Theme Song To Tyler Perry Sequel.