Olivia almost gets falsely implicated in Frankie Vargas' assassination, but Fitz isn't having it.

  Veteran actor Joe Morton stars as Dick Gregory in the off-Broadway play, Turn Me Loose, now playing at the Westside Theater. He talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about nailing Dick Gregory, how Kerry Washington‘s pregnancy will effect Scandal  and much more. On meeting the legendary comedian: “We’ve only met one or two times and spoke […]

In the three years that passed after the shocking assassination of Malcolm X, the Last Poets formed on May 19, the slain leader’s birthday, in 1968. The Original Last Poets consisted of Felipe Luciano, Gylan Kain and David Nelson, and gathered at the former Mount Morris Park, now known as Marcus Garvey Park in East […]

Jake Ballard might be headed to the White House, but not with who you think.

Olivia acts out of character after flashbacks of her kidnapping take her over the edge.

Olivia is as ruthless as Rowan Pope when it comes to her mission to get Mellie in the White House.

Olivia's ex-flame, Edison Davis, makes a deal with Rowan Pope, Quinn figures out what Jake is up to with his fiancee, and more.

  Joe Morton is the next star to be featured on TV One’s Unsung Hollywood. Listen to the interview above to hear more about the episode…

“Don’t use the person that I made to make you into a man. You’re a boy.” Joe Morton is now a ‘Scandal’ regular and it’s about time, he totally has the best monologues on the show. Portia de Rossi, whose character “Lizzie Bear” made her first appearance on season four, was also upgraded to a […]

Olivia seems to have lost control of Fitz, but it looks like Papa Pope still controls Jake.

During Thursday evening's NAACP Pre-Show Awards dinner in Pasadena, CA, Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, caught up with some of our best and brightest stars and asked for their reactions to the passing of Earth, Wind and Fire's founder, Maurice White.

Shonda Rhimes, is coming out front from behind the scenes. From writer, producer and creator of some of the biggest shows on tv, ABC’s biggest hits ‘Scandal’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and new show,’ How To Get Away With Murder.’ Shonda Rhimes will be the guest star on Fox’s ‘The Mindy Project,’ it will be her […]