Unfortunately, these are not good times for 87-year-old Katherine Jackson, the matriarch of the world-famous Jackson family. She has suffered a stroke that left her struggling to speak or see, according to a RadarOnline report. A number of sources have confirmed that the mother of the late Michael Jackson has had huge health problems for a while now. “She suffered […]

The matriarch of the Jackson family also claims that Trent Lamar Jackson used her credit cards and accessed her bank accounts without her permission.

Katherine Jackson has asked for a restraining order against Joe Jackson’s brother’s son, Trent Jackson, her driver for many years.


Joe Jackson, at 87, the father of the Jackson’s is still going strong, I’m happy to say after a series of medical emergencies, he alert and cracking jokes in his hospital bed. On Sunday it was reported he suffered a stroke and partial blindness. Most recently the Jackson family rep is telling TMZ that Pop […]

Katherine Jackson’s bid to take the concert promoters back to court for her son Michael’s comeback concert has come to a halt. The 2nd District…

Prince, son of Michael Jackson is about to turn 18 in February, and according to sources, his family is dreading the day he becomes of age to handle his own money. Prince is still dependent on the allowance from his late father’s estate, which remains controlled by a trust that will begin giving out money […]

OMG,! Angela Bassett, at the age of 55 is gorgeous than ever and like a fine wine just get better with time. Known for oscar winning performances for role in movies like, ‘What Love Go To Do With It,’ ‘Waiting To Exhale,’ ‘How Stella Got Her Groove Back,’ and many more. In her new feature […]

Members of Michael Jackson’s extended family are getting away from ‘the Jackson bubble’ for a reality show. Alejandra Jackson, the ex-wife of Michael’s brother Jermaine, and her five children. After the death of Michael five years ago, they left the Jackson family home in suburban Encino, a move that a clip from the show suggests wasn’t […]

Friday a judge issued a tentative ruling against granting a new trial in a negligence case filed by the mother of the late ‘King Of Pop,’ Michael Jackson claiming  a concert promoter was financially liable for the singer’s death. As posted by, Read more: