Your mind is your self-captain. If you nourish it, it’ll make the right decisions and lead you the right way. If you ignore or feed it with the wrong stuff, it’s going to do the exact opposite. As I have emphasized many other times before, it’s extremely important that you learn to take care of […]

Alicia Keys has responded to the criticism she’s received for choosing to go makeup free. The singer-songwriter kept her promise and showed up to the VMAs sans makeup. Of course,Twitter had something to say about it. One person tweeted, “Alicia Keys really looked like she rolled outta bed wit that fresh face.” Another wrote, “I […]

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In conjunction with her new storytelling app, The Journals of Mama Mae & LeeLee, Songstress Alicia Keys has released a “lyric video” for her next single, Unlock Yourself, which will appear on the Girl on Fire album, which is due November 27. Check the video out below and the new app here.

*TMZ is reporting that Michael Jackson’s younger brother Randy Jackson has turned to the police after his former assistant allegedly refused to hand over the keys to his house.