Mathew Knowles has been accused of damaging a cell phone to avoid turning over texts to his former lawyers. According to The Jasmine Brand, Knowles’ former attorneys’ law firm explained to the judge that he was ordered to turn over his cell phones so that an expert can attempt to recover text messages. Knowles initially told […]

Houston’s own Mathew Knowles has denied selling Beyonce’s memorabilia. According to The Jasmine Brand, Knowles is denying allegations claiming that he hid profits from an auction he put on to sell his daughter’s memorabilia. Mr Knowles has filed a counter-suit against his former legal team, accusing them of lying about him selling Bey’s items. He has […]

Lawyers representing beleaguered Congressman Chaka Fattah in a racketeering indictment have asked a judge to remove them from the case, saying they have not been paid, according to CBS Philadelphia.

For IPAD/IPOD users: Star Jones has reason to be excited about life these days. Not only is the TV personality working on a new multi-host…


Today, attorney Eugene K. Pettis will be sworn-in as the first black president of the Florida Bar Association. He will lead America’s second-largest state bar…

Michael Jackson was on the brink of financial ruin when he agreed to do his “This is It” concert tour, and his fear of failure spurred by severe insomnia drove him to take desperate measures that killed him, a lawyer for his doctor said Wednesday, The statements by defense attorney Edward Chernoff during a pretrial […]

HOUSTON—Timothy Walker, a Navy recruiter and father of two young sons, wanted a divorce but he could not afford what lawyers were asking. “I don’t have wads of money in my pocket,” Walker said. So he called an outfit called Affordable Divorce. He ended up paying about $400 for his divorce, which became final last […] *Bobbie Edmonds a Fort Worth, Texas based attorney is responding to Mary Lee Harvey’s posting of videos detailing infidelity and other transgressions on the part of radio/TV show host and author Steve Harvey.