Casa Cultural de las Américas (CCA) is proud to present the International Literature Festival – Houston 2016 (ILF-H), which will take place on October 15 and 16. During the festival they will pay tribute to Spanish poet Luis Garcia Montero. ILF-H will bring poets and writers from across the Americas. The countries invited this year are: […]


In a season chock-full of "Top 2015" lists, from hottest celebrities to best political moments, we must not forget the literature that moved us

Terry McMillan is in a good place. The 61-year-old best-selling author just moved from Northern to Southern California and her son, Solomon, is now a…


If you are looking for a great read, take  look  at the top Books this July. You are sure to have a great time. Hill Harper Explains In His New Book: “I’m On A Journey To Figure It Out” [AUDIO] Summer has heated up and the following books are steaming their way ahead of the […]

It’s the summer – the sun’s out, hammocks are in style. What better way to relax in the summer breeze than by opening a good book? Reading is a great way to unwind outside and enjoy the weather while also exercising your mind – however, with the world being busier than ever these days, a […]