The cool thing about the 80’s was everything that went on behind the scenes in entertainment was left to our imagination. In 2019 social media has killed our imaginations and rumors are followed by affirmation pretty quick hence there’s no need to right book about because hell we are living it virtual reality in real […]

The legendary Morris Day is back with new music! His new single, Over The Rainbow, honors his friendship with the late Prince Nelson. He talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about their last conversation and confirms rumors if he’ll be on the Grammy stage paying tribute to the Purple One. “I’ve been doing a […]

Morris Day of Morris Day And The Time called into the Kandi Store to talk about the upcoming Texas Black Expo festivities.  He gives advice for people trying to make it in the music business, what’s happening with Morris Day And The Time and what he did for Father’s Day. Check out the interview below:

When I was in the seventh grade, I hurt my hip playing unorganized football. Since I was one of the few fat kids in the neighborhood, they’d give me the ball, and all the kids would jump on my back, and I would carry the pile toward the end zone. I was the William “The […]