RadarOnline has reported that, Janet Jackson’s ex husband James Debarge has written her an open letter, begging for the truth about their alleged secret child. The two were married from 1984 to 1985. He wrote, “I don’t want to live the rest of my life not knowing the truth! I know you have enough money to keep this […]

Apollonia has written an open letter to the late Prince.  The letter — which was posted on Facebook, read, My Dear Prince, I have never known you to leave the stage so early. 4 long, dreadful months have passed since God welcomed you home. I miss you so much, the pain is unbearable, making it hard to breathe. […]


I’m sure you’ve heard of the comments that Charles Barkley made about the situation in Ferguson.  He also said that slavery was “not that bad.”  Well, that didn’t sit well with Alabama Senatro Hank Sanders. He penned an open letter to Chuck letting him that slavery wasn’t that bad, but in fact, it was very, […]

Everyone has something to say about Beyonce and Jay Z ‘s daughter, Blue Ivy’s hair.  There was even a petition started called “Comb Blue Ivy’s Hair.” Well, the singer and songwriter of the song “I Am Not My Hair,” India.Arie has penned an open letter to the critics defending Blue’s hair saying, Why does anyone […]

Here an open letter that India.Arie penned on her website after the Grammy Awards. @Kendricklamar WAS robbed, BUT he was not the only one who was robbed. Personally, I was pleased he was able to perform and they KILLED! IT! One of the FEW moving moments of the night for ME. Though it’s called “Music industries […]

Good Morning America anchor and caner surivior, Robin Roberts, publicly admits that she’s gay.  In an open letter to her fans on her Facebook page, Roberts said, At this moment I am at peace and filled with joy and gratitude. I am grateful to God, my doctors and nurses for my restored good health,” she wrote. […]

Mariah Carey has written another open letter to her fans on her Facebook page.  She said, “Thank you (!!!!!) for all your comments this week about the announcement of ‘The Art of Letting Go.’ I wish I could answer all of your questions and I’m gonna try my hardest and definitely tell you a bit […]

Mariah Carey has written an open letter to her fans on her Facebook page talking about her injury and a new album.  The letter reads, Hiiii lambs!! I’m so happy to be able to catch up with everybody here on Facebook. The last three months of my life have not been easy. Getting through this […]

Scandal star Columbus Short has written an open letter on the George Zimmerman verdict. According to Bossip, the actor wrote, “As I have sat and listened to debate after debate, in depth analysis and tempered opinions on ‘The Verdict’ I couldn’t help but feel helpless, frustrated, hurt and yes, angry. As I plummet into the labyrinth of my mind in search […]

Via Newsone: Actor Lance Gross keeps it real with an open letter to George Zimmerman!  Check out the note he reposted  on Instagram……..Read more  

The original Aunt Viv, from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Janet Hubert, wrote an open letter to Wendy Williams on her Facebook page.  Janet was upset with Wendy because she asked Tatyana Ali about what really happened when Janet left The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Janet wrote, “If you want to know something about me, or anything […]


Professor Micael Eric Dyson was blasted in an open letter by flimmaker Glenn R. Towery for defending the movie ‘Django Unchained’. Get Dr. Dyson’s take on the film and read the open letter here.