The major push back against the civil rights ordinance titled HERO came from Christian pastors and preachers. Here is a "word" from their fellow believer.

So it has finally happened American Idol Has meet the Church mixed with So you think You Can Dance L.O.L.  Check out this auditions from this new reality show called “So You Think You Can Preach”.  It looks like it may be a motivational and interesting show or at least entertaining.


This year’s National Fundamentalist Conference, held at Clay Mills Road Baptist, in Kentucky has stirred up some controversy. When the conference decided to do a…

I love when people say church showed was good but cant remember what the Pastor preach about

I thought the best part about being married and sex is that you can now  be sin but for real sex and lust is not a bad thing we make it bad when you go outside our marriage. Read why this pastor said no sex on Saturday

Pastor Sarah Omakwu, a dynamic and passionate spiritual leader, is impacting America by spreading the love of God and sharing her testimony with a new generation of believers. A highly-respected leader and teacher, Pastor Sarah Omakwu has successfully taken her home church, Family Worship Center (FWC) in Abuja, Nigeria, to new heights following the passing […]

Conversations about accountability in church leadership and the impact of down low culture in the church are long overdue. The Black Church’s pink elephant exploded on a massive scale when the alleged sexual misdeeds of prominent African American pastor Eddie Long and his refusal to address the allegations rose to the forefront of current events.  […]